What is a Functioning Alcoholic?

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Professional addiction treatment centercan help a couple get to the root of the drinking problem and put the relationship back on track. Alcohol use disorder , which is colloquially called alcoholism, includes the inability to control drinking despite a negative impact on work and relationships. Some people become addicted to alcohol quickly, and others develop the disease over time.

Most importantly, while you should avoid being judgmental or accusatory, you should also be honest about how alcoholism is affecting you and the alcoholic. The person may offer excuses or attempt to explain away their addiction, but stay firm and offer to help the person start treatment. If possible, get other family member and friends involved and stage an intervention. The participants in an intervention could include the alcoholic’s spouse or partner, children, parents, friends, coworkers, employer, friends and other individuals who have been affected. A substance abuse counselor, family therapist or spiritual advisor may also attend to provide an objective presence and keep the agenda on track. If the consequences of high-functioning alcoholism have become overwhelming, and your loved onerefuses to seek help for alcohol abuse, it could be time to plan an intervention. An intervention is a planned meeting in which the concerned parties confront the alcoholic about their behavior.

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People who participate inunderage drinkingare more likely to become addicted because the developing brain is more vulnerable to the effects of the substance. If you are in a relationship with a functional alcoholic – you need to take steps to protect yourself. Family recovery programs are essential to ongoing well-being for the family of alcoholics. As masters of deception , functional alcoholics can be difficult to identify. Eventually, some family members living with a functional alcoholic may question their own sanity. Friends and extended family do not experience the same person as family members see at home.

Why do I drink alcohol every night?

If you feel that you need a drink every night or to get through a social event, stressful situation or personal struggle, and you have a compulsion to drink or constantly crave alcohol, maybe even daily, this could be a sign of psychological dependency.

You may operate machinery or drive after drinking, putting your life and the lives of others in danger. It’s important to know that though you’ve developed a tolerance to alcohol, your blood alcohol concentration remains unchanged by how much you drink. Even though you may not feel as drunk, your judgement is still clouded, and you will still suffer ramifications like getting a DUI if you’re pulled over while driving drunk.

High Functioning Alcoholics – Where to Get Help

While alcohol use may be beneficial in the short term, it ends upleading tomore stress down the line. Consequently, the learned solution for stress — alcohol — becomes both the problem and the coping mechanism. Increasing alcohol tolerance is one of the primary risk factors for developing high-functioning alcoholism. When someone drinks heavily for a long time, high functioning alcoholic their alcohol tolerance reaches higher levels. They then need to drink more to achieve the desired effect, putting them at high risk for developing an alcohol problem. Well, the team at The District Recovery Community specializes in helping those with alcohol use disorder to safely detox and move on through an appropriate and personalized treatment program.

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For over 20 years Dr. Umhau was a senior clinical investigator at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism of the National Institutes of Health .

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