Top 5 Must Read Cybersecurity Books

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There are plenty of cybersecurity books to choose from that can help you learn more about the dangers of cyber moves. But if you are thinking about a book could easy to understand and offers a great perspective on the subject, there are a few you should think about. Several that will leave you feeling comfortable about your digital security.

Cybersecurity For Dummies is a fantastic resource for those who are just receiving started with their cyber-education. The For Dummies series has turned into a staple inside the beginner’s guidebook for the knowledge security market. It’s filled up with simple, step-by-step instructions to assist you learn how to take care of your computer.

Stuxnet: A Computer Worm That Can not be Defeated is a great publication to read if you are interested in the story behind one of the notorious cyber episodes. The book tells the tale of the Stuxnet virus, which usually attacked Iranian nuclear establishments.

From CIA to APT is a friendly book for starters, but it also covers more advanced matters, such as how hackers can gain access to your information. This is the perfect publication to start out with before you move onto more advanced reading.

Cracking: The Art of Exploitation is a great choice for anyone who is a more advanced reader. Author Jon Erickson is a huge computer hacker for years, and he uses his experiences to explain how hackers can enter your system. He also shows you how to avoid staying targeted with a hacker.

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